I don’t know if it was Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech that I watched on Monday, or the sudden death of Dolores from the Cranberries (band), or the passing of my great Aunt at the glorious age of 97, but my breath was lost this week on the lessons in life, and in death. 

Death is sad. Sometimes I’m afraid of it if I’m totally being honest. But mostly, it’s eye opening. And heart opening. Remember when I mentioned my heart being opened by the best cardiothoracic surgeon on the planet? That’s what happens in the beauty of life, and the sadness in death. Or so I've learned. 


Not gonna lie, it’s hard. You know this. Because I say it a lot. But only because it’s true. And if I’m lying then I’m just doing you all a huge disservice. And I don’t like that. I think that sucks. I’m not here to be perfect. Or right. Or lie. I’m only interested in the truth. Because that’s how I do life. And sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. But sometimes it’s incredible. And glorious. And with twins, it’s a good ole country combo. Yes, I really did just say that. Because twins are well, twins. Yeah my egg split in two and gave me two babies. Yep. God is funny. And cute. But honestly, I have twins and I still win at life and here’s why.


So two things. I'm not fully ready for school to be back in session (and yes we're already back). Sigh. And two, I'm totally over the cold weather. Still sort of feeling like we are cooped up in sweats and a fire and cold weather mood, I'm choosing today to be the last day of laziness, because Sunday. And because the golden globes are on and there's nothing better than sweats, wine and lounging to watch all the female actresses in Hollywood wear black. Yup. (Read your twitter feed if you don't know what I'm talking about.) So with laziness comes browsing the last of the big sales. So here's a few picks that got me going while browsing last night. From Intermix, to Rag and Bone (amaze price on my staple boots, and final sale items), to the ultra price for a leopard faux fur at Asos, to Nordstrom and more, these are the things that I might want or need for this year. And because I call Sunday, Sunday Splurge. Every once in a while anyway. Happy Mom, Happy life. K, see below, and bye!