MOTHERHOOD, THE RABBIT HOLE: how we fall and how we rise again

It’s back to school and there's pumpkins popping up everywhere, so naturally this topic has come up yet again. Collectively, the motherhood tribe is subscribing to our new found freedom and praise Jesus and hallelujah. But with this comes the trepidation of the walk into the light. The baby steps to that freedom. The decision to divide and conquer. Because no matter how you do motherhood, we all fall. Even those of us who don't say it. But friends, it isn’t how or when we fall that matters, it’s how we rise again.


I’m trying to remember back to the exact day. It was very surreal. Finally pregnant and finally a sibling for my little girl. A sister I prayed. I think I said it out loud over and over again so God could hear me loud and clear. “Give my girl a little sister. Please Lord.” How perfect it would be. How enormous a love would transpire amongst my household in a pink fluffy fairytale. Honestly, I thought I had it in the bag. Then the tiny little computer screen showed two babies in my belly, not one, and only a few short weeks later, the doctors would tell me that I have two identical boys arriving in 7 months. BOYS.