It’s almost Christmas and it’s nutsville. Every one is scrambling. Life is chaotic. And in about 3 weeks, we’ll all be cozy in our jammies eating cookies for breakfast. But in the midst of the crazy, I had a thought. After a conversation with a young one about marriage, I thought I’d set the record straight. For her. For me. For everyone. Because it’s Christmas. And I like to be honest. I’m crazy about my husband. I’m just putting it out there. There are moments I think he is an absolute shit head yes. But overall, I’m crazy about him. Like, crazy in love for that guy. 100 percent. 


Well, this made me laugh. And well friends, my vacay from vacation this week to NYC got canceled due to more sick children and it’s cyber Monday and my computer didn’t work in the Dominican Republic on black friday, so here’s my shopping makes everything better face. Or shpeel. (spelling idk) But see below. 

I have already purchased  5 Christmas gifts and it’s not even lunch so I’m on a roll. And only on a sale. Because nobody wants to miss a good deal. NOBODY. (ok there might be one thing not on sale, but it’s cute, so fair enough.)


I’m speechless.

For a woman of many words, that’s a big deal. I’m not sure what exact moment the words left my mouth. Maybe it was when I watched the news feed on my iPhone last week. Or maybe it was when I realized my daughter had to go to school the next day and possibly be in harm’s way by psychopaths who decide to kill people. Or maybe it was when my beloved California’s most deadliest fire of all time in history, hit that underbrush at rapid speed. And took away my family’s malibu home. Either way, my heart has sort of gone black and all of a sudden I’m speechless.