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toddler  vans  | burgundy  booties  65% off! | toddler  denim  | photo: Sydney Clawson

toddler vans | burgundy booties 65% off! | toddler denim | photo: Sydney Clawson

Sorry for the language, but it's tough. I didn't get any sleep this week. Hashtag mom life. And school's still out for another week and no we're not off to some island to enjoy the sun. In fact we are home with 3 sick kids and I'm going a little batshit crazy. And blah blah blah yes I'm gonna miss these baby days you betcha!! But today (yesterday), no, I wasn't hungover from crazy new year's eve shenanigans because I was in bed before 10. Yep, before 10.  Because that's life right now. But I did get my champagne, otherwise it could've got ugly.

Parents of littles, it's rough. All of us are tired and home with littles during winter break and we are about to break. If you're like me this week, your kids have been sick or stir crazy or both, so we've been inside for the most part not trying to kill each other while our other friends and family who have older children are either in Mexico drinking margaritas, at Disney world riding space mountain, or in Aspen drinking Bailey's and coffee and it's pissing me off. 

So, because I know I'm not alone, I'm writing this to you so you know you're not alone either. And yes it's ok if you drank all the champagne and were on your instagram till you fell asleep. Because, same.

Times sure have changed since these little shits came along. And sarcasm aside, I really don't mind the early bedtime, but it's the travel I miss. And I love those little shits more than anything and I know you love yours, but it's hard. So...the only thing that helps when I'm still in my robe at noon and haven't brushed my teeth, is to shop online because there are sales and Valentines is around the corner. Yep. 

So here's a few things you might want to make you feel better. Pressing "order now" on my macbook always feels so good when I've been trapped inside the house for 7 days straight with sick kiddos, no babysitter in town, no family around and leftovers from Christmas. Also, side note, (you can in fact live off of pantry food and frozen goods if you haven't shopped at the market since Christmas eve.) But P.s.s. I'm over leftovers, black beans and rice though. Fucking over it.

destructed  denim  | burgundy  booties  65% off! | photo: Sydney Clawson

destructed denim | burgundy booties 65% off! | photo: Sydney Clawson

So, if you are looking for a few good sales, or just something new to buy yourself, please browse a couple of these options and click "order". You'll feel better in the morning, swear. 

 destruced  denim  | Rag and Bone  booties  65% off | photo: Sydney Clawson

 destruced denim | Rag and Bone booties 65% off | photo: Sydney Clawson

So, above, those black denim jeans are not on sale, but they were when I bought them, so standby. Or try these, I love this brand too and at this price, yes please. But the Rag and Bone booties ARE on sale and 65% off are you kidding!!! I'm obsessed with these,  their perfect color and this price is insane. If if burgundy isn't your thing go to Rag-Bone.com and find a boot on sale and you'll get an additional 25% off. That's an awesome deal for a brand this good.

Also, if you remember my blog about yes it's ok to wear cutoffs even if you're a mom, the cutoffs are on sale at Nordstrom and they are so flattering all year long, so yes to the sale. Prices go back next week. See below for a few more ideas and the breakdown and scroll the images below.

1.I just bought the robe...so soft and flattering and awesome and the price is perf.

2. The pj's are sexy, comfy and inexpensive. Give up your college t-shirt.

3. The Ugg high tops are a perfect cozy and chic alternative to your regular sneaker. And the price point isn't nuts.

4. The Rebecca Minkoff velvet crossbody bag....I kinda want and need.

5. The Natori feather bra, you need and because it's on sale, get. I have 3 and I swear by them.

Also, Sale Sale Sale......Barneys, Net-a-porter, Free People, obviously Nordstrom and head over to West Elm for new pillows, bedding, furniture....I love a good West Elm sale, so hurry before supplies go. And press "order" I promise you'll feel better.

UPDATE! The Land of Nod table and chairs y'all have been asking about on instagram and facebook is also on sale for 15% off, click here to purchase! xx Maile