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I’m hungover. Don’t think I’ve been so since 2013. 

It’s not terrible, slight headache, but a 6 am wake up call, 2 toddlers jumping on my face, some coffee and the drop off line before 8, I’m good. Good as new.


Girls need girls. Moms need moms. This isn’t a re-post. This is fact. Yesterday we celebrated a very special girl. It was her birthday and she wanted no fuss. Some blankets, good cheese, wine and friends. Well, we made it a little more fabulous than basics, but that’s really not the point. Yesterday in all it’s beautiful Nashville glorious weather, 9 friends gathered around their friend on a beautiful vineyard hill and we celebrated her life. 


The importance of having women in your life is paramount. We all know this. Most of us have several groups of friends that we count on, rely on, celebrate with, cry with, but when you become a mother, the importance here goes up about 1000 notches. It becomes religion. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. And the only reason why, is because yesterday was genius. See above and below. You’re welcome.

The hiccups from marriage + children seem to multiply year after year because life is just that way. It does not slow down for you, get less complicated or create a crystal clear pathway. It just doesn’t. It’s not supposed to. God created it like that purposely. He also created mothers and knew exactly what he was doing. This is precisely why when we were children, we went on the playground and bonded with the first girl that made us feel safe and comforted. We knew making friends with girls created some sort of magical bond that would help us soar through the sky and make dreams come true.

He was right.

Girls need girls. Mothers need mothers. It’s the most needed requirement for motherhood second to anything short of our health and our children’s well being. And if you find that squad that is honest and true and funny and real, then motherhood becomes brilliant. Brilliant. It’s the stuff that they try to put in elixirs and drugs at the pharmacy. It’s better than the books, the wine and the online shopping. It’s magic.


As you can see, yesterday was nothing short of the best day of our lives. We don’t have time for bullshit. We have 25 children between us and more on the way. 25. That means, we make plans, we execute and our cups runneth over. 


We were unconcerned with the children yesterday. We drank the wine from the vineyard, ate the thousands of calories on our cheese plate, soaked up the sunshine that was perfectly blaring through the unobstructed blue sky, and literally rolled through the grass like 5 year old girls on the playground. We laughed till we cried. We selfied our way through our vineyard with not one ounce of shame or guilt. We celebrated our friend and her fabulous 38 years because what are you doing with your life if you’re not celebrating greatness? This wisdom we finally have only came through years of mothering and finding friends to trust and count on. It’s law. Religion. It’s not to be joked about. Once you find your people, you love them fiercely, loyally, and you celebrate them till you’re falling down laughing on the ground hugging them and wiping their tears whether they’re crying from happiness found from freedom from their children for 3 hours, or tears ailing from news of a sick friend or parent. 

Loyalty amongst friendship in this regard, is not like freshman year in high school. It goes much deeper. It’s profound. You mothers know what I’m talking about. The conversations alone, through text message, display such bravery, tenacity, honesty, and the loyalty is the norm. Honor it. Display it. And never disrespect it. 


Yesterday was nothing short of perfect. I haven’t laughed that hard or cried from that kind of sheer happiness in a while. And the best part, we had a driver! We had a limo take us around to our destinations and it was the greatest decision ever. Thanks to our friend’s wonderful husband, we were all spinning on the playground, shed of responsibility for a good 3-4 hours. We then proceeded to hit up sonic and stuff our face, while blasting the best 90’s hip hop you could imagine. It was ridiculous. I highly recommend.  

Text your squad right now and make plans. And tell them thank you. Girls need girls. Mothers need mothers. And we all need playdates with each other. It just might save your marriage. And your heart.