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Alo  legging  | nike  sneaker  | Zella top  similar  |  double stroller  | image: Sydney Clawson |

Alo legging | nike sneaker | Zella top similar | double stroller | image: Sydney Clawson |

Why? Because your heart. That's number 1. It's the #1 killer in women in the United States. Astounding isn't it? Yep, but on a lighter note, let's get physical because it's about to be summer. And because we ate all the chocolate yesterday. And because everyone likes to look good naked.

Well, first of all I have issues. We all do. We're human. And I'm not Giselle, and perhaps Giselle is not Giselle. Maybe she's fake. Like a cardboard cutout. Or maybe she's genetically perfect like I imagine. Or maybe she hits the pavement and gets physical. Sex with Tom Brady might have something to do with it too but that's just a guess.

A friend and trainer said to me once, "If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten". So, if you're trying to lose 10 pounds but you order a baguette and butter with your soup, you might not be serious about losing 10 pounds. This is why I committed to clean eating for 30 days. It was commitment and I wanted results. 

alo l eggings  | zella top  similar  | double  stroller  | Image: Sydney Clawson |

alo leggings | zella top similar | double stroller | Image: Sydney Clawson |

I've come off them a bit (yep, guilty), but I'm wiser, I'm making better choices and if you haven't noticed, it's spring. Which means summer is a stone's throw away (like in 60 ish days). So, for me, that means, let's get physical. And here's 5 ways to jumpstart. And don't say you don't have time. (I did lunges across my neighborhood this morning and I didn't give two shits who was looking.)

zella top  similiar  | Image: Sydney Clawson

zella top similiar | Image: Sydney Clawson


1. Jump on the clean eating. Just try it. Take baby steps. Choose plants over processed. That means stuff your grocery cart with vegetables and fruits and nuts and organic poultry, fish and meats. You will feel better. If anything, your bikini will look 100% better on you if you do this for a month. Also, skip the alcohol. I know, that sucks. But your body will thank you.

2. Create a physical plan. That means commit to moving your body a minimum of 2-3 times a week. But make a plan. Put it on your schedule. Yoga mondays, pilates wednesdays, or walking/running/gym/trainer fridays. Or do your 30 minute pilates dvd. Or your treadmill. Whatever. Just do it. But make a plan.

3. Get outside with your kids. I'm a twin mom so everything makes me sweat. But when you throw on some sunscreen and some will and start pushing that stroller with some music in your ears, 3 miles goes fast and calories are burned. And they might nap. Win.

4. Have the sex. Too personal? Come on. You know you like it. Make time for it. It gets your heart rate up. And your endorphins. And makes you smile and giggle on through your Monday. 

5. Make healthy choices. Not just what type of spinach to put in your smoothie, but choosing to say no when you need to say no. Choosing some you time instead of cleaning the floors. Choosing unsweetened almond or coconut milk just to try it and give dairy a rest. Choosing a hike with the kids, instead of staying in for naps.  Choosing happy instead of sad. 

I'm a work in progress. Have been my whole life. And for me, every little bit counts. And after I dipped my twins' toes in the water yesterday I realized I'm gonna be a busy momma this summer. Time to step up my physical game and give the devices a rest. Oh wait, that's 6.

K bye.