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My daughter is going to be 6 soon. And although I hear about fancy camps and European vacations and they all sound lovely, I think I’m joining the kids club this summer. And that means my butt will be permanently sitting next to my rugrats. This sounds intimidating, because I have so much work to do and I feel there’s simply never enough time. But here’s the thing. My little first born is going to be 6, my twin sons are going to be 2 and I don’t care if I get chiggers all over my body this summer, I’m joining the kids club and we’re calling it summer of seventeen.

I don’t want to miss this. I know I will one day, so I want to be in it, right now. Because when will you ever get another summer of seventeen? When I was a kid, when school was out for summer, that meant 1 thing. Freedom. We roamed the beaches and canals in my hometown, ran around like California kids with nothing but a bathing suit on and a smile. We found ways to explore. And now living in Tennessee raising my littles in a sweet southern town, although it may be quite different than my California days, there’s plenty to do. And my ass will be wearing a swimsuit and changing diapers all summer long. And I’m not scared of that one bit. In fact I'm making a little checklist to make sure we do it all. Because once it's over, it's over. And you can't get it back.

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1. Get off my device.

For starters, I plan to still use my iPhone, but I’m giving it a break. That means I’m going to get outside with the kids and play. And not film every aspect of their day and every angle of their face. I’m going stare at their face and watch it explore. Watch knees get scraped. Watch hair get wet. Watch them drink water from a hose. And maybe just maybe watch the sky turn from blue to black, while lying down in a tent in our own backyard. 

2. Get dirty.

The other day my husband and I took the kids down to the river. They were outside no more than 30 minutes. And they were filthy. Covered in mud. From head to toe. Clothes needed washed. Even the shoes. I eventually put them in the shower because it was too much dirt to wipe off. Mud is good for them. And it’s good for me. I can’t wear white all the time and walk a straight line. It’s summer and we need to get lost in the dirt.

3. Blow off perfection.

We will be traveling a little bit as a family and I dread the travel part because, twins. I might actually write an entire post next month on how this will go down with 2 under 2 and a 5 yr old. But for starters, I’m blowing off perfection. Perfection sucks. It’s gonna be messy and long and crazy and wonderful. And I’m going to enjoy every part of imperfection that traveling brings. Stay tuned.

4. Explore our city

Twins under 2 means we’re not flying across the pond or the pacific this summer. It’s not that we’ll never do it again (or shoot me) but a 4 hour flight is our limit for us this summer of seventeen. Plus, why wouldn’t we hit up our own city? We are in fact the coolest city now. Or so they say. P.S. when you can have the perfect gimlet followed by the perfect turkey burger followed by shopping that would even make upper soho jealous, then yes please. (Ok, maybe not make soho jealous, that's pushing it, but you get the picture.)

5. Visit with family

This will always be on my summer list, because if you know me, you know I’m all family. So there is nothing more fulfilling than hanging with all my kids and all my siblings while all being in the same state. Can I get an Amen?

This summer of seventeen I will blow out my hair never, I will eat the popsicles all day long and will get dirty in the great outdoors with my babies because that’s what the doctor ordered. And I will have zero regrets about any of it. Bottoms up.