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Remember that time you went to a wedding single and drank champagne till they ran out and danced like a maniac with hundreds of strangers and maybe went for a walk down a beach path with a cute boy to see the waves off the cliff overlooking the ocean? Yeah, me neither, it was kinda a long time ago. It was also kinda fun and wildly romantic. Ya know, wedding crashers, the wedding ceremony, the cute singles and lots of alcohol. Those were the days. Wild, sexy, sometimes cheesy and full of frantic memories and headaches the mornings after. 

Well, cue to last week, and we, us (Adult-ers), aka parents,  aka marrieds with children, we, (yes those people), believe kids parties are the new wedding crashers and here’s six reasons why.

1. We're still having our cake and eating it too.

Or all the donuts. (see custom donut wall above) Yep, and we might be sweating off our makeup while chasing children, and we might get frosting and cake to the eye from our toddlers, but it’s still cake. It's still sunny and 75 outside. And it’s still a party. We call that winning.

2. We drink all the champagne

 We just drink it out of a can (see above image), while watching 30 kids run around eating all the fries, all the dirt and all the cupcakes. Just add straws.

3. We still dance like maniacs

We’re older now, wiser, so we don’t dirty dance or anything, but we do dance and there’s no stopping us. We just do it with our kids and we still lean our heads back and look at the sky like we’re tripping on mushrooms, but we’re just tripping on not enough sleep because of our non-sleeping babies.

4. We still make out

With our babies. You won’t likely find us couples making out at these kids parties and certainly not with strangers (duh!), but you will see us kissing face with all our frosted faced toddlers and daughters who we are overly, abundantly and drastically in love with. 

5. But we still do romance

Romance at kids parties = something like this. Champagne/wine in the can form + friends we haven’t seen in a few weeks = buzzed conversations and obnoxious laughing that makes our heads spin out of control. Plus kiddos drenched in out of this world millennial party ideas that are anything from choo choo trains (like real ones) to real life ballerinas performing in your backyard to full stage/DJ fashion shows on a sunny Saturday. The kids are in total bliss, so we are all the romantics. We live for this shit.

6. Domestic AF

Because we’re married. We have children. And we don’t rage like that anymore. We have new etiquette. We have to behave like adults now. Which means sometimes you uber home. No just kidding. Nobody got drunk. Nobody was irresponsible. But I tell you what, we have a lot of fun at these parties. A shit ton of fun and there’s no stopping us. Because kids parties are life. Because we are domestic AF. It's the new stage of life. And if you have friends that like to enjoy the celebration of life as much as you, and be over the top about it, then go. And fill your heart with that kind of joy. The wedding crashers was a season. And it’s over. And although it was quite fun, this is so much better. Like, way better.