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Actually there's a million reasons why Mom friends like to drink wine and cry. But here's the breakdown and the proof in the pudding. For what's it's worth, experience is our greatest teacher. 

1. Because we're mothers. That means we have stories to tell. And some stories need to be told over wine, because it's funner. And funnier. And you can say things like "every time you say "vagina", you have to take a sip."

2. Because vagina shots are funnier than regular shots and no mother does shots ever, unless she's with other mothers doing shots. Also, for the record, mothers use the word vagina in abundance and not entirely on purpose. Because, mothers. We had babies. And they came out of our vaginas, so there's your purpose and your reason.

3. Because mom friends are always looking for a reason to be together. Not like we're sister wives, but kinda. There's a sisterhood, a bond that was forged the moment two mothers' eyes met and told their mother story. And because these stories grow more interesting the older you get, the more babies that you have, and the longer you know each other. 

4. Because we like to get pretty. Fact. We like to get out of our leggings, put on some perfume, some eyeliner and look sexy. Because that's what girls do. Pretend all you want, but we're not buying. We know you know what we mean. And that's ok. There's nothing wrong with getting dolled up to see your dolls. I mean, that's life right there. Life.

|  destructed denim  |  off the shoulder top  | image: nicolle clawson |

| destructed denim | off the shoulder top | image: nicolle clawson |

5. Because pregnancy. It changes your life. It changes your hormones. It changes sex.  It changes marriage. It changes your jean size. It changes your bank account. It changes your heart. Celebrating relationships made through the miracle of pregnancy is reason enough to drink all the wine. And cry. And I'm pretty sure one or more of our babies is a result of one or more of our Moms' drinking wine nights. 100%.

6. Because we have 26 kids between us. Yep, 26. You see, we don't have time for bullshit. We're busy bitches. We are getting it done and getting it done well. And when we decide it's time to get together and drink wine, we decide, we plan, we execute. We deserve the wine. It's our toast to ourselves for being awesome. And able. Able to be mothers, able to strive through life with 26 kids between us and strive to be the best we can be. And even when we're not our best, we're there for each other because, sisterhood. And because 26 kids. We're grateful. But we got a lot of kids. So, wine.

7.  Loyalty. Remember when you were a kid and you told secrets on the playground? This isn't a playground. This is motherhood. And friendship. And that means loyalty. There's a safe place with your name written on it when you have this motherhood bond. It's sacred. Loyal. Honest. A place where you can spill your wine and your heart with no judgement. But rather with support and empathy and laughter too. Respect.

8. Selfies. Forget instagram. Give me the selfie stick so I can remember this day. So I can remember how I got here. How I made friends with women who share my mother story. How we bonded over step-mother hood or how our husbands like to fish. How beautiful the lighting is at dusk in a vineyard in Nashville with wine in our hands and no babies wrapped around our legs. How joy radiates through a camera lens and it's authentic as it meets it's subjects. A bunch of moms who found love through the sisterhood of mothering. Selfie that.

9. Give me all the cheese. Because cheese and fancy nuts and olives and white processed gluten filled bread and salty crackers and chocolate and charcuterie and more cheese and all the wine in the vineyard. And then more wine and home made fancy italian dessert followed by more vagina shots and not giving a damn about a calorie count. Because life. Why wouldn't you?

10. Nobody likes to cry alone. Because it's ok to cry. Girls cry. Wine makes us cry. Especially when you're drinking wine with friends.  But wine also makes us giggle. It makes us laugh. And snort. And fall down laughing. Sometimes it makes you laugh until you cry.  And if you cry, there's somebody there to put their hand on yours and cry with you. And hand you more wine.

11. Motherhood= Sisterhood. You are a mother. You met another mother. You learned her story. You bonded. You had babies together. You were there the day her twins were born. You were there the day she took her pregnancy test. You were there the day she cried on the table praying for more children. There the day her child had an accident. There the day your mother got sick. You cannot count the reasons or the seasons that they are there. They just are. And this sisterhood is all the reasons why women like to gather and drink wine and cry. And also rap like gangstas and sing Shania in the back of a limo.  Because motherhood. Because sisterhood. Because as you can see, gratitude and a buzz go a long way. And there's no stopping that train. 

|  off the shoulder top  | image: nicolle clawson | 

| off the shoulder top | image: nicolle clawson |