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|  denim skirt  |   white tank  |  planner  |  sunnies  | image by sydney clawson |

| denim skirt |  white tank | planner | sunnies | image by sydney clawson |

It's almost back to school. And I'm almost back to reality after skipping through the beaches of Hawaii this week. Almost being the key word. And it's time to pull up my sleeves and get organized. Enough pina coladas. Time for schedules. And organization. Which in return gives me piece of mind. Enter, the products we need.

I use a hard cover planner. No, I don't use my  ical calendar as my end all be all. I use a hard back, paper calendar and it's cute. I know, I'm old school. I like to write stuff down and cross it off when it's done. It brings me pleasure. This is a true story.

I have 3 kids. They are growing. They are busy. I attend more birthday parties then should be allowed legal. But I enjoy them all because I get to drink wine with all my besties while handing out birthday gifts. But I need to write it down. Enter my planner.

|  Neon Planner  |  sunnies  | image by sydney clawson |

| Neon Planner | sunnies | image by sydney clawson |


I like it cute. And not too heavy. And I like it to have plenty of writing space for my to do's. Because again, once I scratch a line through it, all the satisfaction happens. This one fits the bill. P.S. enter the giveaway on my instagram now to enter to win this planner!!

Also, the boys are attending pre-school in a few weeks and I've got their bases covered. Well, almost. But the most important part is their lunch boxes and water bottles. Because my boys eat. A lot. And if they don't, they're mad. I mentioned these cute lunch boxes last week and again, enter the giveaway on my instagram and win a lunch box and water bottle for your kiddo as well!

Lastly, organizing your life also means organizing your wardrobe. That means dumping (selling or donating) your old threads, cleaning up your closet with your current threads, and purchasing anything you've been saying you need, but haven't bit the bullet on a new needed purchase. Ideas below with an updated edit on the Nordstrom sale. 

                                               SUMMER PICKS BEFORE IT'S OVER

                                                LITTLE GIRLS FALL PICKS

                                               LITTLE BOYS FALL PICKS

                                        MAMA'S BACK TO SCHOOL PICKS

                (don't miss this sale especially for the bra and panty sale, it's worth gold)

I know it's not the new year, but the school year feels like the new year when you have kids and it's time to get on the train and organize your life. Or at least mine. Here's to fall 2017 which basically means let's start Christmas shopping. Just kidding. Happy Saturday friends!