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image by sydney clawson 

image by sydney clawson 

We’re day 4 into a brand new year and with that comes reflection. And with reflection comes truth. And with truth comes wisdom. And well, right now you’re probably not in the market for a “here’s why you should hang with your grandma” speech, because you’re probably in the Turks and Caicos right now soaking up your 20’s or maybe you're just down the street plugged in at Starbucks. Or perhaps you're in Italy living your best life as a young one, that's awesome. I lived in Italy when I was your age too. But just imagine this for one second. Just one. Because your 20’s are just that. 20’s. And then something else happens. And something else. And time evades you.

Imagine holding your grandma’s hand today. Imagine the wrinkles and softness of her hands. Her smile and joy at the presence of you. Imagine her watering her plants because she’s obsessed, kind of the way you are at Instagram. And imagine her taking her time to really observe each plant. The soil, the dryness or the moist parts. And how she gets her hands dirty and really digs in. 

She invited you to get your nails done. And you sort of rolled your eyes at the thought because LA to Orange County is such a long way. And you probably could get so much nothing done if you just stayed home, sat on your couch eating a cup of noodles while swiping your iPhone for social updates. But you go. And she makes you help her with the plants and then the weather turns rainy and you help her with her plants some more and the time passes and she’s hungry and the nail place closes. So you go to dinner and get the early bird special and you talk about stuff. Most of it you don’t remember. 

That’s ok. You’re 20. And you don’t really know the depths of the grandparent yet. And the deep crevices of wisdom she has in every line in her face. And what your mother will mean to your daughter one day. But here’s a little insight into why you should take your Grandma for a pedi. For what it’s worth.

Because today when I looked into my daughter’s dark brown eyes, I saw my Grandmother. And as hard of a couple weeks as I had at the closing of 2017, I entered into a new year with an open heart. And while looking in my daughter’s eyes I thought, I wish I could have a pedi with my Grandmother today and ask her everything. And tell her everything.

Like how she raised 4 kids and stayed married for 55 years.

And how she and Grandpa made it over every hump that marriage hands you decade after decade.

And how much she loved being a mother and how it made her feel.

And what she would do different if she had it all to do again.

And why she loved plants.

And why she loved jade jewelry so considerably.

And in the end what was her greatest joy.

And her only regret.

And then I’d tell her that she had a granddaughter with dark brown eyes.

And that her name is Kona Blue.

And that she enters a room with a cartwheel just like her mama did.

And that she loves Hawaii so much and she’s never been there.

And that she has two baby brothers in the form of twins. 

And that their names are Bo and Luke. 

And that one day they will learn about their Grandma who was born and raised in Hawaii.

And that she danced the hula with the biggest smile you've ever seen. 

And that I’m one lucky grand daughter to have witnessed her love.

And her fierce dedication to family and tradition.

And that I miss her dearly. And I wish I had one more pedi date on the books.

There’s actually so much more I’d say. And ask. But I can’t. Because today she’s not here. 

But in case you still have a grandmother, take her for a pedi. Ask her the real stuff. And ask her how it made her feel. And cry to her if you feel like crying. And hug her tight. Because someday when you have your own children, and you understand the real cycle of life, the good, the bad, and the beautiful, you’ll want to talk to her. And you’ll want to know everything. And that’s definitely worth a trip to Orange County. Just saying.