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I can’t remember if already wrote you a letter. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. Maybe it’s stuck somewhere inside my high school journal. 

But in the event I didn’t, here’s what I want to say to you.

All of you. Because despite the fact that our school year is coming to a close and I'm emotionally raw over it, because the babies are absolutely growing at the speed of light.....

I'm also incredibly grateful. To you. To all of you. And here's why.

So much of who I am today is because of the teaching community. I have a warm spot in my heart already for you because I come from a family of teachers and college professors. But I have an even more profound tender place in me now that I have children. And I have a million reasons to say thank you. And here’s a few.

Because as a child although I don’t remember details of pre-school, I remember having fun. And if my memory from 3-5 years old was fun in the sun on that sandy California playground with friends, then pre-school teachers, please know you not only did your job, but I’m a happier person today because of it.

Because even though my twins cry at drop-off and at pick up, you send me pictures of them smiling and playing and having a blast and I know they are thriving at pre-school with you today.


And I know they are happy. 

Because sometime in the 4th grade I remember our whole class had a heart to heart about friendship and love and kindness and I will never forget the bond we had and the feeling of safety and love in that classroom. 

Because even though you were stern at moments Mr. (8th grade math teacher), you were stern with purpose. I only understand that now because I’m an adult. And being stern is wise and helpful and important. I understand now that maybe you were that way on purpose. And by the way, thank you.

Because even though you were a nun, you were also my principal. And when I came into your office feeling yucky, you helped me throw up dried apricots in your office toilet. And even though that was gross and probably not part of your job description, you did it anyway. And I’ll never forget that.

Because freshman year when you meet your first drama teacher and he’s a red head and has a smile bigger than most, he greets you with confidence; in him and, in you. And over the course of 4 years he will push your boundaries but he will also respect them. And he will be instrumental in guiding you towards where your heart explodes and where your fears lay. And he will succor your triumph through both.

Because the teachers throughout high school will all lay a foundation for you. And even though the mundane homework and projects that seem “stupid”, actually are entirely rooted in purpose. 

Because you only realize this when you grow up.

Because you remember not only did our parents raise 4 of us, they went and taught students all day or evening and when I had to re-learn geometry at midnight the night before a test, Dad would be at the dining table till 2 am. 

Because when you’re in your 40’s and you suddenly do a dance move with your daughter and remember your theater professor from freshman year at UCLA, you’re reminded why acting silly and opening up your body and your heart to freedom through music and movement is in fact not only NOT ridiculous, but it's pretty much the open door to happiness and freedom.

Because when your daughter becomes a real elementary student and the teachers become her daily bread and she is an actual sponge soaking up all their information, as a mother, watching her, you are beaming of gratitude and love.

Because your job as a teacher in education is immensely valuable.

And commendable. And life changing.

I don’t know if you know how appreciative us parents are, or us students, but if you don’t, may you know this:

We are grateful.

We are learning.

We are evolving.

We are moved by your dedication.

And patience.

And resilience.

And commitment to education.

And we’ll never ever stop being thankful, for all of the above.

Thank you for another wonderful school year. And thank you for all that you are to our children.


A Mom