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This just in. 

Pre-school teachers, if you’re lucky, are the essential growers of our babies minds. The expansive leaps and bounds they can carefully guide your children on, are monstrous. And monumental. And lucky for me, my twin boys’ teachers are just that. And I can’t tell you the immense gratitude I have as the witness to this growth. So Dear Pre-school teachers, let me be heard.

Your time here on earth as the intricate glue to our children’s growth in their brains and hearts, is not unnoticed. It is here in pre-school where our children open up to the wonders of life beyond the home. Beyond the breastfeeding, beyond the playing trains, beyond the hour walks in the neighborhood, and beyond the everyday routine of a mother and son or daughter. 

This doesn’t go unnoticed.

In fact, when you are so clear and communicative in how our children’s progress is going, and how firm you can be with them to be sure they are listening and growing, yet tender to the touch and warm with true appreciation for what you do…that is the real gift here.

I know for one, I’m growing because they are growing and I’m not alone in my thoughts. 

When my husband, or my parents, or my friends comment on their growth, it’s not just me.

It’s you too.

Your job is so important.

It is the one constant in my life that has made me feel like my ship is definitely running at it’s greatest capacities. 

No, not everything is smooth sailing all the time and the boys still have their fits from time to time, (surely only to test mommy when she hasn’t had her coffee yet) but this we know is purely circumstantial. It’s all part of the growing. 

You pre-school teachers have created a foundation where they feel safe. Where they feel loved and cared for. Where their minds expand from new books, to new songs, to learning basics, to discovering dirt and flowers and horses and real life fire trucks and fire men. 

It is not overlooked.

Your work is paramount for their growth.

For who they will become. 

As a mother and as a human, I don’t take that lightly. 

And I’m incredibly grateful for your time, your dedication, your undying patience, your genuine love for the kids and your true hope for their well being. 

I am truly astounded by this dedication and authentic joy for the children and I thank you forever, from the bottom of my heart.

Love, the twins Mom