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Beauty is bogus. It just is. I’m exhausted. It’s all too much. It’s also a myth. Everyone’s interpretation of beauty is up to their own device. And opinions are rampant. Some are false ideas to us. Some are brilliant. Some we make up as we go along. It’s imaginary. And also a journey. One’s belief of beauty is certainly not the others. But let’s be honest. We, the collective souls floating around the space these days searching for serums that save face, searching for ideas to feel beautiful, it’s as intoxicating as it is tiresome. Some days I’m over it and I skip all the serums, or my hair is going gray because I don’t have time for an appointment and I feel like it’s just a big bunch of bogus. Then I wake up the next day, and it’s on. I want to feel pretty. And I think that’s the majority. We’re all winging it, but we all want to know what works. And yes, we all want to feel pretty. I’m over 40, and I try it all. And if I swore I’d never do Botox before this post, don’t call me a liar if I change my mind. And here’s why.


Most of us (if we’re lucky) live a long time while here on earth. We’re getting old. Sorry, but not sorry. Youth is when we’re young. (Don’t get mad, keep reading.) And our appearance is changing. And God wiling, we still feel young and vibrant on the inside and as fabulous as we want to feel on the outside. But in the interim, it’s important to find ways to accept that age is among us. To embrace the laugh lines, to accept that hair goes grey. To know that just because she’s 25, doesn’t mean you weren’t once. She’ll be here one day too and if you don’t remember, 25, look back at your iphotos. That 25 year old’s got nothing on you. You know more. More wisdom, more years, more love. Let that sink in. And then book your hair colorist if you makes you happy. Period. (I got my hair colored today and honestly I feel like a new woman. True Story.)


As badly as we desire perfection, or an age reversing miracle youth serum, truth is, the reel of instagram is a highlight reel. Don’t fret. You’re gorgeous. Find what makes you feel beautiful and do it. Self care is the new black (more on that later). So take that with a grain of salt and treat yourself to whatever makes you feel good in your skin. No judgement. Ain’t nobody got time for judgement.


Here’s a breakdown of my beauty edit and products that I believe are working tiny miracles. (Aka, make me feel pretty.) It’s not very long and arduous. I’m trying to use some clean products as much as possible, and I’m trying to keep my skin supple and youthful. This regimen works for me. I’ve been advised by Doctors and nurse practitioners, and I’ll list them here for further info. I would recommend the same.



Brightening koji pads


Eye cream

Neck and décolleté cream


Concealer (only if I’m going out of the house to see other humans other than at the grocery store)

Tinted moisturizer aka makeup (only for a night out or photo shoot)

It’s very basic, but exfoliation wasn’t on my radar till a few years ago and it’s a game changer. See products below and detailed regimen also.



I’m a little slow on the exfoliation thing. In my twenties and thirties before baby I occasionally went for a facial and I thought that the once or twice a year thing did the trick. Well, now that I exfoliate almost daily, I see the difference in how bright my skin looks and it’s just silly to ignore this step. This exfoliating scrub is gentle, but powerful. After I rub it on, in gentle circles on my face and neck, I take a warm rag and do a second gentle scrub and rinse. And my skin feels like butter. Try this one too. I love the Zo one just as much. A mask (this one is so good and so cheap) once a week (usually Sunday night) does the uber exfoliation, but this scrub is my daily method.


Hyalauronic acid serums were also a game changer for me recommended by my Dermatologist in my early thirties. And I’ve only gained further knowledge and appreciation for them. My three favorites are Skin Ceuticals, Replenix, and Skin Pharm. (If you haven’t met Maegan at Skin Pharm, in Nashville go see her stat!

Eye cream:

Just a must. Since like 25. This Eye cream is my favorite and has all clean ingredients.

Brightening Koji Pads:

Speaking of Maegan, these brightening pads from Skin Pharm that I use in morning and night have brightened my skin no doubt. There’s a glow happening that wasn’t there before. And I call that a product to hold onto.

Neck and décolleté cream

Necks go wrinkly. And can be hereditary. This cream does wonders. I call it a miracle worker. And it is.


Hands down the most important product of every day. Why? Because cancer. That’s why. My mother has had skin cancer several times and since healing and realizing it was due to sun damage in her younger years, her number one rule (and every dermatologist’s) is sunscreen and a hat. And not a baseball cap. That will only save your forehead. A big hat. Huge. Sun damage isn’t cute. Live accordingly.


Can’t live without it. Cuz three kids. And 40. Been using this Concealer since I was 30. It’s a no brainer.

Tinted moisturizer

This makeup Tinted moisturizer does wonders for coverage but is super light weight. If I’m doing makeup, after I do serums and sunscreen, I put this on, sometimes by mixing with my tinted Sunscreen. Love it.


Same routine as day, I just mix up using this Beautycounter resurfacing peel a few times a week. I like it better than retinol. Never liked retinol. So same routine as day, (see above detailed list) but I skip the Koji pad, apply serum, this peel, then a light moisturizer or oil on top if you want.

Here’s the thing. After turning 40 and a bout with some adult acne (what the actual hell) yes, I had some weird breakout and I believe it was partly hormonal and partly a product line that shall remain nameless, I went to a nurse practitioner and friend (Maegan at Skin Pharm) who saved my face. My product line changed up quickly and my acne disappeared. Beauty can feel like total bogus, but if you find what works, and it makes you feel pretty, PREACH. Do you. And love you. Because there’s only one you. And you’re awesome. K, bye!

++ side note, I know it’s the Big Nordstrom sale and it just began for Card holders, and some of these face products are Nordstrom, some are not. I’ll also link a few of my favorite picks from the sale because who doesn’t love a cute new pair of Ugg slippers half off?