I just got off the phone with my mother 15 minutes after I left my therapists office. It was perfect timing. Like, to the millisecond. I was just about to download the audible book “Simplicity Parenting” when my mother schooled me in parenting right through the speaker of my cracked iPhone. It was like, “bingo!”. There was simplicity in her words, but a tremendous lesson. And it was like a light bulb went off. And here’s why.


Beauty is bogus. It just is. I’m exhausted. It’s all too much. It’s also a myth. Everyone’s interpretation of beauty is up to their own device. And opinions are rampant. Some are false ideas to us. Some are brilliant. Some we make up as we go along. It’s imaginary. And also a journey. One’s belief of beauty is certainly not the others. But let’s be honest. We, the collective souls floating around the space these days searching for serums that save us, searching for ideas to feel beautiful, it’s as intoxicating as it is tiresome. Some days I’m over it and I skip all the serums, or my hair is going gray because I don’t have time for an appointment and I feel like it’s just a big bunch of bogus. Then I wake up the next day, and it’s on. I want to feel pretty. And I think that’s the majority. We’re all winging it, but we all want to know what works. And yes, we all want to feel pretty. I’m over 40, and I try it all. And if I swore I’d never do Botox before this post, don’t call me a liar if I change my mind. And here’s why.


Don’t let the title fool you. I love a sale. Y’all know me. But it took me some time in my twenties to figure out that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you buy it. Ever look in your closet and realize you still have tags on a sundress you swore you needed because it was on sale for $89 from $200 and it was a steal? Yet, you didn’t love it on you. You liked it. You wanted to love it. But you didn’t. This is why you don’t buy everything on sale. But when you fall in love and it’s the real thing, hands down, you say “I do.” And here’s why.