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It's not closed. Like, anything can happen. Like miracles. Very precise miracles. But let's just say we might be done. Closing the baby chapter. And this has me a wreck.

Every month I wake up going woohoo I'm a woman! Yay. The 40's and the female body rock. I'm so lucky! Well no. I'd be lying if I said sometimes I want a pregnancy test that says yep, you're open for business and it's twins again!! Just kidding. Well, kinda not. But my husband would up and move to the woods. But truthfully, closing the baby chapter is weird. And sad. And doesn't feel totally natural.


How often do you bathe your babies? It's a common question floating around here and around the mom talk playground. Moms like myself ask myself every night...should I bathe them? Did they get too dirty? Well, sources have summed it up and here's what we're doing around here. 

Let them be dirty. A little dirt never hurt nobody. But some lament "I  have boys and they are filthy? " Well, yes. Me too. But also, if we bathe them every night ridding them of all natural oils and dirt from the soil and the world outside, they may grow immune to everything. So they say. Well I tested out the theories with my eczema filled twin babies and in our case, I've found the studies are true. 


These two identical twin boys of mine slept from 7am-7pm. This is a victory.

They've done this before. But then they started teething, then they got their first cold, then their first cough, first ear infection, and the list goes on and on. Kind of like never ends. The only constant is change. And love. But one thing that remains as constant as we can possibly get it, is our intention for scheduling. And when you have twins, life is already some kind of crazy and chaotic and for all intent and purposes, for us, scheduling keeps everything in some bit of order.