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When I became pregnant with twins I was so confident I would have girls. Nothing better in the world than 3 sisters I pondered. I have a sister and the bond is pretty much unstoppable. Best friends. Thick as thieves. Basically soul mates. And then I found out I was having boys. I was excited. But honestly, I had no idea what I was in for. Flash forward to 2 1/2 years later, and there they were playing outside today with sissy and all I could do was observe. Really observe. And there they were.  And it was unstoppable. She had brothers.


I got pregnant with twins on the first try. I know. That's nuts and ridiculous. But it's also God's work. Or as my husband said, "God's funny work." And I was scared to death. Twins?!! How? Like, what? I'm confused. But yes, I was indeed pregnant with identical twins. And all I could think was, I hope they are girls. I know girls. I can't have boys. I don't know how to do boys.

And then they were boys. And my husband named them Bo and Luke. And I fell in love. Hard. And I'm obsessed.  And I can't stop, won't stop with the love. Ever. Never ever. And here's why.