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The notion that everyone should have a sister is one I’ve echoed for years. Probably because I wouldn’t know life without one nor would I want to. She's everything. And more. And if I'm honest I'd probably pull any strings possible to have another baby girl and give my daughter a sister. But the way God created families is, not everyone gets a sister and that’s just how life goes. This sometimes makes me sad for my daughter, because I don't want her to miss out on this incredible journey, but it has also lead me to this beautiful unbeknownst truth.


I don’t know if it was Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech that I watched on Monday, or the sudden death of Dolores from the Cranberries (band), or the passing of my great Aunt at the glorious age of 97, but my breath was lost this week on the lessons in life, and in death. 

Death is sad. Sometimes I’m afraid of it if I’m totally being honest. But mostly, it’s eye opening. And heart opening. Remember when I mentioned my heart being opened by the best cardiothoracic surgeon on the planet? That’s what happens in the beauty of life, and the sadness in death. Or so I've learned. 


We’re day 3 into a brand new year and with that comes reflection. And with reflection comes truth. And with truth comes wisdom. And well, right now you’re probably not in the market for a “here’s why you should hang with your grandma” speech, because you’re probably in the Turks and Caicos right now soaking up your 20’s or maybe you're just down the street plugged in at Starbucks. Or perhaps you're in Italy living your best life as a young one, that's awesome. I lived in Italy when I was your age too. But just imagine this for one second. Just one. Because your 20’s are just that. 20’s. And then something else happens. And something else. And time evades you.