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Don’t let the title fool you. I love a sale. Y’all know me. But it took me some time in my twenties to figure out that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you buy it. Ever look in your closet and realize you still have tags on a sundress you swore you needed because it was on sale for $89 from $200 and it was a steal? Yet, you didn’t love it on you. You liked it. You wanted to love it. But you didn’t. This is why you don’t buy everything on sale. But when you fall in love and it’s the real thing, hands down, you say “I do.” And here’s why.


If you know me well you know I don’t like to pay retail. Not sure anyone does. I like a good sale. And I love a sale on designer wear because usually designer wear is what stays classic in my closet for years. And because Barneys’ massive sale is on, including this all time favorite Helmut Lang leather mini of mine (60% off, yup), (buy your true to size) I’m posting my Barneys edit here. Because bang for your buck in fashion is always a good day. And ALWAYS worth sharing. See my picks below! Xx


Girls. I found magic in a bottle. Not the kind that’s reverse aging, sorry that’s not real, but the kind that saves your face before a big awards week like we have next week. It’s Mario Badesco’s drying lotion. If you have a pimple (which I've complained about recently on my insta stories), you stick your q-tip in this magic potion to the bottom of the bottle (don’t shake), dab your pimple and it dies. It’s dead. Like, life over. Poor buddy. Of course some are stubborn and take a little longer, but I kid you not, there is no other pimple killer than this. I hope this is around when my twin boys go through puberty because this stuff is magic.