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My daughter is going to be 6 soon. And although I hear about fancy camps and European vacations and they all sound lovely, I think I’m joining the kids club this summer. And that means my butt will be permanently sitting next to my rugrats. This sounds intimidating, because I have so much work to do and I feel there’s simply never enough time. But here’s the thing. My little first born is going to be 6, my twin sons are going to be 2 and I don’t care if I get chiggers all over my body this summer, I’m joining the kids club and we’re calling it summer of seventeen.


Why? Because your heart. That's number 1. It's the #1 killer in women in the United States. Astounding isn't it? Yep, but on a lighter note, let's get physical because it's about to be summer. And because everyone likes to look good naked.