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It’s ok. It will all be ok. I only know this because my sweet neighbors and parents of five told me so. And I listened. Turns out they were right.

We try so hard to follow most of the rules: eat your veggies, eat dinner promptly at 5:30, eat organic, eat more veggies, get in the bath before 7, lights out 7:30. But it’s summer. And yesterday amongst the awful humidity and scathing heat, my daughter went swimming at the neighbors. Well, because swimming with 5 kids is more fun. So the twins and I walked over and sat with the neighbors on the back porch while sissy swam, and it was the usual chaos with the twins. However, about 30 minutes in, my sweet neighbors offered me a glass of wine, the boys started to play with 2 of the 5 kids and suddenly we were there till 7.