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I don’t remember the exact comments my Dad most recently made about one of my ex’s. But the sentiment was very poignant. Because it wasn’t great. In fact, it was brutally honest. And he didn’t utter a word at the time I was dating him. But looking back, I saw the signs. Dad knew he wasn’t right for me. And so did I. But I had to learn that one on my own. 


 We all know what they want for Valentines. Let’s just be honest and get that out of the way. 

Ok, so now that that is easy, here’s a couple ideas for what you should purchase him for you. Men don’t care about Valentines. They really don’t. They know the direct order. Buy flowers, book dinner, get her something nice. Now you can get him something nice that’s for you, but really for him. Ya know? Men aren’t like women. They see, they like, they go. Am I right fellas? If you're reading, hi, see below, find your favorite and click and purchase. All you need is a clean shave and some flowers.


My Uncle Jim has been my Uncle Jim for my whole life. His wife, my Auntie Sue will always be my Auntie Sue. Their daughters are like sisters to us and we’ve been best friends since birth. They are Fr-amily.