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Mom let’s start with you. Because if you and Dad didn’t have (you know what) on new years eve on that California night in 1976, there wouldn’t be me. Or my babies. Or my life. So you win. 


I just walked out of my twins bedroom a few seconds ago. And I got on my knees and I wept. I melted into the floor, then gently picked myself up and threw my hands in the air and said. “Thank you God. Thank you for my babies. For all of them. For this. For this motherhood moment. I don't know how I deserve this. But I thank you and I pray I’m making you proud.”

I'm overwhelmed today. Like most days. Most likely, you're a mother and you're overwhelmed too. Because that's motherhood. And most of the time you brush off that overwhelming feeling and you carry on. Because that's what you do. What you always do. Because that's how it's always done.