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It’s getting close to Mother’s day. Not like tomorrow, but kinda. And I miss my Mom. Also, in case you’re wondering, yes, I still consider myself youthful. I’m not middle aged and I will arm wrestle you just to prove it. Anyway, I just came across this image of my girl. My baby. Who’s now almost 8. Who hugged me tonight and said “you’re such a good Mom and you’re doing great.” Yep, my baby. All of a sudden I’m totally confused. No, I’m not uneducated, I do fully understand the concept of time. But why does it riddle us so incredibly well? I look at her face, her dimples, her hair, her arms, her baby teeth, and I’m taken back to our old house. To the rainy days when we would walk our driveway and pick spring flowers in her new rain boots. To another place and time. To me relenting to myself out loud over and over and over again, those were the days. And as I’m currently playing “scary monster” to my twin boys in the bonus room of our current home, I glance at the image one more time and I correct myself. “These are the days.” My eyes begin to well up with expected tears as I prepare another ‘scare’ for my boys who are patiently waiting for mommy to get her shit together and wipe her tears. My oldest twin says “Mommy crying?” I say “Mommy is happy. I love you.” He smiles and we play monsters on a Monday.


So, a while back I was out to dinner with a few friends to see a movie. I sat down next to a lovely friend who I don’t see often. She has 4 children. I was talking about how good my wine tasted and how exhausted I was from putting my crazy twin toddlers to bed before our 8 Pm dinner. I said, “they just turn away from me and run in opposite directions when I say get in the bath. Literally they are gone. One’s on sissy’s bunk bed about to fall off, and one is pooping in his underwear in the closet. It’s infuriating!” Little shits I uttered. She crinkled her nose and sweetly said, “y’all, I miss those days. I really really do. Those babies. So darn sweet.” Cue to yesterday’s early school pick up due to flooding in our area, and the twins hustling mama at full speed, a mom says to me, “I know you still have your hands so full, but I promise you, you will miss these days.” 


They are steady and strong, brilliant and funny. They are also quick to say “enjoy yourself babe, you need a night out with the girls.” Yet deep down inside the crevices of their industrious souls, they are desperately seeking that human connection too. They most likely don’t show it. They probably don’t speak of it either. They just wake up, head to work, finish up, head home and start the whole thing all over again in the a.m. The all American Man. And the all American Dream. Now hold up, this isn’t a feel sorry for the boys they don’t have any fun story. I know better than that. Because they do. A lot of them do. But let’s be honest, none of that dream, nor the work load will result in the men saying they need a “GNO”. They just won’t.  So here’s 5 reasons the husbands actually do need a guys night out and why it’s a game changer for their mental health.