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IBut it's true. The pressure. The cheaply made chocolate. The expectation. The impossible reservation. The babysitter. The sick kids so you have to cancel it all. It's not my favorite. Not at the top of my list. But if I'm being honest,  I'll never say no to flowers. Even if it's only on Valentine's Day. I like the gesture. And so I'll take it. But please stick to solid colors. White roses are always a win. Okay, and for those of you who would love the opportunity to get some new undies, a bra, or a gift card of massage, or even some high end chocolate, here's some ideas you can lend your husband. If that's not your thing, here's your Galentine's gift to yourself or your bestie. Because really the holiday, is just an excuse to buy yourself something since you haven't swiped that visa since Christmas. And if you really go all the way and get your husband or lover something Valentine's worthy, I've included them below as well.