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If you know me well you know I don’t like to pay retail. Not sure anyone does. I like a good sale. And I love a sale on designer wear because usually designer wear is what stays classic in my closet for years. And because Barneys’ massive sale is on, including this all time favorite Helmut Lang leather mini of mine (60% off, yup), (buy your true to size) I’m posting my Barneys edit here. Because bang for your buck in fashion is always a good day. And ALWAYS worth sharing. See my picks below! Xx


So here's the deal. I'm a hop, skip and a jump from completing my Christmas list. Ok, Not really, but I'm getting started in a big way because. One word. SALE. Y'all know I'm not into paying retail and with this handy little laptop, I'm killing it, one click at a time. I've found a few too many good things to not consider for black friday, and they are all GIFT-WORTHY. So happy fri-yay! I've even found a few stocking stuffers, and don't think I'm not stuffing my own damn stocking. Duh. Here's a first look at the gift guide turkeys!