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I love good skin. I love a good sweat. I love a good book. A long bath. A walk alone. A girls night out. And yes, I do love a good vacation, sans kids. This may sound selfish. Or conceivably self love overkill. Maybe even self righteous. Too much self. But what about perhaps the concept of self care? Hmm. Is that the thing? And what if that thing, is everything? It got me thinking. Hard. And there it was, like in block bold script on my blank page. Self care is the new black.


Funerals are sad. Life can be sad. And sometimes there's a time and place to travel to a destination alone with yourself and experience the sadness. And also, the greatness in the sadness.  I also think there’s a myth behind why every mother feels a bit of guilt when she’s away from her kids. It’s not because she’s a mom. Or doesn’t have the right to leave town solo and enjoy the fruits of her labor unattended by toddlers on a plane with a double Starbucks in hand and a good business book on her lap. Or that the children will die a miserable death by consuming too much pizza fed by Dad or cut their knee open while wrestling with their older sister. It’s more in depth than that. It's more complex. But it shouldn’t be. But it is. 


My Mother said to me recently, “it takes so much work to be sad.” “be happy. It’s so much easier.” Sometimes easier said than done I think. But is it really? Isn’t happiness a choice? Choose joy.

There is value in your own joy. In fact, I’m pretty positive about it. Here’s why.