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I know. It looks kinda cute. Kinda frightening. Kinda woah. And yes I know, kinda isn’t really a word. But this is parenting. And it’s kinda weird.

The thing that books don’t tell you, nor do your parents, or your friends or your boyfriends, lovers or future husbands, is that this is parenting. It’s illuminated by irony, random acts of kindness by strangers and an uncanny amount of moments worthy of cinematic entertainment like that of a Disney movie like say, Bambi.  


Our first date I saw a car seat in the back of his pathfinder. I was like “scuse me? you got some explaining to do.” I wasn’t saying out loud in my head “red flag”, but it did cross my mind. Oh shit, he has a kid? Well, nothing ever comes quite perfectly packaged like they said marriage did in the story books, so let’s just put that baby to bed. Marriage is messy and complicated and step-momming, well, yes, it can be tricky. And sticky. Messy. And also quite beautiful.