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Pool Parties use to stress me out. Because I always made such a big deal about them. Like I gotta get it perfect. Everything from the food to the flowers. But then one afternoon after cleaning up the house after friends had left, I realized this. If there's a pool and some snacks and alcohol, you're golden. Nobody cares that much. Really. And if they bring their kiddos, they really don't care. They care if you have cocktails.


It's summer. I've had a bunch of questions about my current routine for face, and so I'm breaking it down here. And here it is...this is my summer face. I'm pretty pale for me, but I keep it that way on purpose, because I'd like to keep my summer face for as long as I can have it. Because I'm no baby. And this mama wants to save face forever, or die trying. (Wish me luck as I'm currently wandering the streets of Laguna Beach today). I talked last month about protecting face with a hat and sunscreen etc, but this summer,  even more so,  I'm not ignoring daily products, in fact, I'm upping the ante. Because summer is just as harsh as winter on your skin if not more because of that hot sun, and because our kids want to be outside all day long, and that means extra attention to self care, aka, you and your face.