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Pool Parties use to stress me out. Because I always made such a big deal about them. Like I gotta get it perfect. Everything from the food to the flowers. But then one afternoon after cleaning up the house after friends had left, I realized this. If there's a pool and some snacks and alcohol, you're golden. Nobody cares that much. Really. And if they bring their kiddos, they really don't care. They care if you have cocktails.


My daughter is going to be 6 soon. And although I hear about fancy camps and European vacations and they all sound lovely, I think I’m joining the kids club this summer. And that means my butt will be permanently sitting next to my rugrats. This sounds intimidating, because I have so much work to do and I feel there’s simply never enough time. But here’s the thing. My little first born is going to be 6, my twin sons are going to be 2 and I don’t care if I get chiggers all over my body this summer, I’m joining the kids club and we’re calling it summer of seventeen.