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Not gonna lie, it’s hard. You know this. Because I say it a lot. But only because it’s true. And if I’m lying then I’m just doing you all a huge disservice. And I don’t like that. I think that sucks. I’m not here to be perfect. Or right. Or lie. I’m only interested in the truth. Because that’s how I do life. And sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. But sometimes it’s incredible. And glorious. And with twins, it’s a good ole country combo. Yes, I really did just say that. Because twins are well, twins. Yeah my egg split in two and gave me two babies. Yep. God is funny. And cute. But honestly, I have twins and I still win at life and here’s why.


It's not closed. Like, anything can happen. Like miracles. Very precise miracles. But let's just say we might be done. Closing the baby chapter. And this has me a wreck.

Every month I wake up going woohoo I'm a woman! Yay. The 40's and the female body rock. I'm so lucky! Well no. I'd be lying if I said sometimes I want a pregnancy test that says yep, you're open for business and it's twins again!! Just kidding. Well, kinda not. But my husband would up and move to the woods. But truthfully, closing the baby chapter is weird. And sad. And doesn't feel totally natural.


I prayed and prayed for a big family. And prayed. And one night after crying myself to sleep convinced I was never going to have another baby, I prayed some more. And I’ll never forget the moment I sat in that ultrasound and the tech said after a very long uncomfortable pause, “I’ve got some news for you ma’am, you have two babies in your belly, you’re going to be a twin mom!”. Like I was sort of out of my body in disbelief. And my husband? Well, let’s just say he was laughing and crying at the same time. We were to be a family of six. God knew what he was doing. But us? We were scared to death. Cue to today, and I’ve made it to year two as a twin mom, and the husband and I are still married. Anything is possible mamas. And in case you didn’t know, everyone is having twins and I’ve had numerous messages about how I’ve survived it all. So if you’re pregnant with twins or your sister or friend is, here’s the edited list of how I did it. Also, if you can do this, you can do ANYTHING.