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Most men are potty trained by 30 right?

This is what my best friend told me in an effort to make me laugh instead of cry while I was about to hide in my bedroom amongst the rage I felt on day 8 of potty training my twin boys.

It helped. 

Messages between besties. I like it.

Potty training is tricky. It’s shitty. And I’m kind of over it.

I don't take Xanax. But if I'm being real, it would've been nice. 

However, here’s a very precise breakdown to our potty training victory. What works, what doesn’t. And why patience is the single most important tool in potty training. Oh, and vodka.


Last night I borderline made out with my boys. Not really, but you get me. We kissed goodnight, we did hugs, and it went on and on for what felt like hours. I didn’t want to stop. Neither did they. As I snuggled them together in a group mommy hug across both cribs, I said out loud while looking up at the ceiling, “Thank you God for tonight. For this. For my family. For this love.  I said “night night” to the twins, blew them a kiss and I walked out.

I’m overly affectionate. Most people that know me, know this about me. I like hugs. Kissing. Touching. Holding. All of it. It makes me calm. Makes my heart feel settled. Feels like love. 


I’ve been without my help for 10 days. I know that sounds ridiculous. Poor me. Well, these past 13 days have been riveting. Full of plenty of ups and downs, bloody lips, snotty noses, more poops than I changed the first week of their lives and I’ve also happened to have fallen in love with my babies all over again. I’ve also fallen in love with the nanny.