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I’m so done mamas. I’m tired. It’s been a month. If i could stretch that word out like taffy I would. Because it’s long. And I’m done. It also feels like winter. Last night was Halloween and trick or treating in the frigid cold while blowing my nose with my freezing hands was work. It wasn’t exactly easy this year. I’m sick. The kids are sick. And in truth, it’s ALWAYS something. But with every fall, comes the change. Change of weather, change of scenery, change of health. And if I”m honest, I’m fine. It’s silly even to mention I’ve been battling a 2 week cold on top of kids having strep throat, a stomach bug and an unpleasant unplanned oral surgery for me this month. It’s a lot. And I can handle it. But showing up for the trick or treaters and making a memory all comes with a price. And from my point of view it’s incredibly worth it. And here’s why.


Yes, it’s ok. It’s ok to stay home and raise your babies. Babies: the humans you created. Yes. It’s ok to stay home with your kids. It’s also ok to work full time. It’s also ok to stay home with your babies and work part time. Or dream about working full time. It’s all ok. I’m not sure when it became the standard to judge a mother on her stance as to which dynamic she carries in the home. Whenever or whoever came up with the idea is clearly not a mother. And here’s why.


Most men are potty trained by 30 right?

This is what my best friend told me in an effort to make me laugh instead of cry while I was about to hide in my bedroom amongst the rage I felt on day 8 of potty training my twin boys.

It helped. 

Messages between besties. I like it.

Potty training is tricky. It’s shitty. And I’m kind of over it.

I don't take Xanax. But if I'm being real, it would've been nice. 

However, here’s a very precise breakdown to our potty training victory. What works, what doesn’t. And why patience is the single most important tool in potty training. Oh, and vodka.