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You’re in your own little digital insta/facebook world. You’re happy to report everything you love about everything and also what you hate. You remain calm, or sometimes not. You mention the littles. And pretty much everything else in your world. 

And there he is off in his world.


 We all know what they want for Valentines. Let’s just be honest and get that out of the way. 

Ok, so now that that is easy, here’s a couple ideas for what you should purchase him for you. Men don’t care about Valentines. They really don’t. They know the direct order. Buy flowers, book dinner, get her something nice. Now you can get him something nice that’s for you, but really for him. Ya know? Men aren’t like women. They see, they like, they go. Am I right fellas? If you're reading, hi, see below, find your favorite and click and purchase. All you need is a clean shave and some flowers.