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They are steady and strong, brilliant and funny. They are also quick to say “enjoy yourself babe, you need a night out with the girls.” Yet deep down inside the crevices of their industrious souls, they are desperately seeking that human connection too. They most likely don’t show it. They probably don’t speak of it either. They just wake up, head to work, finish up, head home and start the whole thing all over again in the a.m. The all American Man. And the all American Dream. Now hold up, this isn’t a feel sorry for the boys they don’t have any fun story. I know better than that. Because they do. A lot of them do. But let’s be honest, none of that dream, nor the work load will result in the men saying they need a “GNO”. They just won’t.  So here’s 5 reasons the husbands actually do need a guys night out and why it’s a game changer for their mental health. 


I’m pretty sure I told my sister I would have a natural birth. And by natural I meant, no drugs, only candles lit, calm, quiet breathing, perfect natural birth. Also, that Sarah McLachlan would be playing in the background.  I’m also pretty sure this was before I was pregnant with my first child. And probably before I was married.